Ticket, Ticket, and Tickets everywhere


According to a recent AIIM survey, ECM teams supporting over 1,000 users are likely to be creating between 60 and 150 support tickets per month. These organizations are likely to have at least 5 full-time equivalent(FTE) support staff dedicated to core content systems, and may have 10 or more.

Of course, many support tickets are generated from user issues related to client problems, connection glitches, or the inevitable password muddles, but as we discussed previously, multi-server, multi-service, enterprise-integrated systems will be susceptible to core problems, and without a good management regime, it can be difficult to pinpoint the causes of speed issues and process hangs.

Effective ECM management includes the procedures, processes and tools to optimize production support cost and time. As ECM adoption increases (and yes, we all want it), there does not need to be a linear increase in support tickets or production support manual tasks. The number of tickets (volume) and time to resolution (TTR) (speed) are important metrics for measuring production support activity and response.

For full survey findings, request the AIIM White Paper.