Ten commandments for ECM


writing-on-a-stoneClaudio Salvador wrote this interesting article about ECM 10 Commandments, please go ahead and read it and don’t miss the comments.

In this article he asked:

If you could make a list of the 10 commandments for ECM should be, which ones would make into your list?

Therefore as a response to his article, here are my attempt to write 10 commandments for ECM, feel free to disagree:

  1. Enterprise Content Management is a verb, not a noun.
  2. ECM is a strategy, not a product.
  3. ECM is evolving, it will live as long as there is information to be managed; probably it will be known with a different name.
  4. Managing information is at the heart of doing business. Therefore treat information as an asset.
  5. Information drives decisions, and whether these decisions are good or bad often depends upon the quality of the information at hand.
  6. Automating a mess will create an automated mess. It’s pointless take a bad process and automate it.
  7. Process without content serves no purpose; content without process goes nowhere. Process needs to be considered when changing the way content is managed and vice versa. (BobLarrivee @BobLarrivee)
  8. You cannot migrate information without migrating the people and their processes, too.(Kevin J. Parker @JKevinParker)
  9. cloud and mobile have altered everything, not least information management.
  10. [By 2020], ECM as we know it will be gone, but content will be more important than ever,” John Mancini @jmancini77)

Please note that these are not my personal views, I have read about those things from different source and wherever possible I have mentioned the source.