Mercedes Congratulates BMW on 100 Years


Not too sure how many of you know this but automobile giants BMW turned 100 last week. I came across this newspaper cut out just last night while browsing the net. This is an advertisement from Mercedes congratulating BMW for their feat.

Mercedes is a 130 year old company, and been in the industry 30 years longer than BMW.


The translation from German reads:

“Thank you for 100 years of competition.
The earlier 30 years have been relatively dull.”

I couldn’t agree more. There’s certainly no love lost between the German rivals, but at least they know how to have some fun.

Business isn’t about eliminating your rivals, its about appreciating the work done by your competitors and maintaining healthy competition while striving for excellence.

Brilliant business ethics shown by Mercedes here.

Great job Mercedes and congratulations BMW.

Mercedes Congratulates BMW on 100 Years via Interesting Engineering



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