Everyone is talking about Documentum


The news of Dell buying EMC has started a discussion in ECM world about the future of Documentum. But before I jump into this discussion following is the most exciting news I read about EMC-ECD(house of Documentum) has been doing this year:

Earlier this year, EMC announced it is replacing Documentum with a set of cloud-based modular apps that can be consumed at will, and due to be launched by the end of 2015, under its Project Horizon program.

The new platform is not just Documentum in the cloud, it’s an entirely new platform and apps marketplace for content management.

Following are some the blogs where experts have been discussing about it:

The general consensus is to wait and watch as more details about the deal is disclosed.

Analysts noted that Documentum, formerly less than 3% of EMC’s revenue, will be an even smaller portion of the Dell/EMC combined company’s revenue.

After reading all of these blogs, overall Dell+EMC deal looks great and promising and if you are focused exclusively on unstructured content, ECM or information governance the future looks cloudy. But if Dell may want to sell Documentum after buying EMC, I can’t see any real buyer. HP, IBM, SAP, Oracle already have setup their ECM shops.


2 thoughts on “Everyone is talking about Documentum

  1. Ahson Ahmad

    Just wanted to correct you. Project Horizon doesn’t replace Documentum, rather it is complimentary to Documentum. Project Horizon apps can bridge content from behind the firewall in Documentum to external parties, whether that be contractors, suppliers, or end customers. This is a perfect marriage to bring cloud technologies to customers who have invested in Documentum and allow them to take a journey to the cloud & Digital Transformation at the pace that makes sense for them.

    • It’s too early to early to comment on fate of documentum, given that the Dell+EMC deal is not yet finalized. Most of the predictions are that Dell will be selling EMC-ECD department to get some cash as they are taking a huge loan for this deal. In that case the fate of Documentum will depend on who buys it.

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